Welcome to Kadavu

Discover the vibrant flavors of Kerala right here in Dubai at Kadavu Restaurant. Situated near Lulu Hypermarket in Al Karama, our restaurant brings you an authentic taste of Kerala cuisine in a warm and inviting setting. Indulge your taste buds in the rich and diverse culinary heritage of Kerala. Our menu features a tantalizing array of traditional dishes, carefully crafted to bring you the true essence of Kerala's gastronomic delights. From the aromatic spices to the fresh ingredients, each dish tells a story of Kerala's culinary legacy.


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Fish Curry

Indulge in Kerala's fish curry – rich, aromatic, and bursting with coastal spices and freshness

Fish Malabari

A culinary masterpiece with rich coconut, aromatic spices, and succulent, flavorful fish bites.

Nellikka Fish Curry

A tangy fusion of tamarind-infused goodness, Kerala's culinary delight with fresh, flavorful fish

Fish Chatti Curry

A tantalizing blend of roasted coconut, spices, and perfectly cooked fish, a culinary delight.

Fish Pollichathu

A symphony of banana leaf-wrapped fish, spices, and smoky flavors, Kerala's culinary masterpiece.

Fish Mulakittathu

Spicy and tangy Kerala fish curry, a flavorful journey showcasing regional authenticity and culinary mastery.